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Looking for kindergarteners!

Depending on the grade, there may be spaces available next year, so please contact us for details.

Cherish each and every wing...


Introduction of our preschool


At our preschool, children can learn English conversation in their daily lives, just as newborn children naturally learn their native language.
We also offer free English, Eurhythmic, violin, and toddler classes during daycare, as well as various extracurricular activities to help each child discover his or her own talents and potential.
We believe that parents and guardians want their children to have a meaningful time if they are going to spend the same day with them..We hope that we can help you feel this way.


About Our Daycare school


Child care philosophy

We will help each children maximize their potential and spread their wings to a bright future by "playing a lot," "exercising a lot," "going out a lot," and "learning in a fun and natural way" during this important period that forms the foundation of character building up to infancy.

Child care policy

1.We will create a space where your child can feel safe and free with a smile.
2.We will provide childcare that enhances your child's sense of self-esteem and independence.
3.We will take care of your precious child with gratitude for being able to take care of them

Our goals of child care

1.Kind children with a compassionate heart
2.Children who can see things from multiple perspectives with flexible ideas

3.Children who can think and act on his/her own initiative


About Our Daycare school


Live camera installation

We offer real-time monitoring of your child's activities at the preschool via cell phone or computer so that you can rest assured that your child is safe even when you are away from your precious child.

From counseling room

This daycare center was developed from a playroom at a counseling facility for mothers suffering from abuse and childcare neuroses.
We help mothers to be happy with their children by being close to the hearts of the mothers and allowing them to face their children with a relaxed mind and body.

Praise and nurture your child

Praise is very important to increase self-esteem and independence.
By giving praise, children become independent and powerful in everything they do, able to think and act on their own initiative.

Preschool Curriculum

We offer free classes such as Eurhythmic, Dance, Kakikata, Violin, Flower Arranging, Cooking, etc. during childcare.
We offer these classes in the hope that children will find what they like and what they are good at by themselves through taking various classes, so they are okay to do whatever they want as long as they do not bother their friends.
Everyone sits in front of the class for their favorite subject and takes the class voluntarily and enthusiastically.

Outside childcare and seasonal events

Every day the children go to the neighborhood park to play outside. We also go on monthly excursions such as cherry blossom viewing, day camp, and planetarium trips, except during the hot midsummer and cold midwinter months. We always hold both Japanese and foreign events such as the Girls' Festival, Easter, and Sports Day. Parents are always welcome to observe our out-of-school daycare and mid-year events.

No summer and winter vacation

Since many families have parents who are working, we do not take holidays at the same time.
You can use our facilities at any time of the year with peace of mind.

Learning while at preschool

There is no need to give up lessons because you cannot drop off and pick up your child.
Lessons such as swimming pool, piano, toddler class, calligraphy, abacus, physical education, violin, ocarina, etc. can be taken as extracurricular lessons between the time your child comes to preschool and the time you pick them up from school.

Childcare from a Nurse's Perspective

A nurse is on duty as a childcare worker.
The nurse's eyes allow us to observe your child's condition in details that a childcare worker would not be able to notice.

Study in a fun and natural way

In addition to living in English, students are learning more and more as they get closer to their senior year.
To be honest, the classes are packed minute by minute, but again, the important thing here is independence.
Some mothers are surprised to hear that their children are writing hiragana in their "Keiko" (Japanese alphabet) notebooks after returning home.
For the children, we believe that studying is like having the staff play with them.

Learning to love eating

We believe that the most important thing in food and nutrition education is to "learn to love eating.
We do not teach children to "eat everything without leaving any leftovers."
We believe that children will develop an interest in food through experiences such as "it tastes good" and "it's fun," and that they will become children who can eat anything in the future.

Multi-age class

Our childcare program focuses on activities for children of different ages. This helps younger children to be more ambitious and challenging, and if they have experienced kindness themselves, they will be more considerate of younger children. On the other hand, older children will grow up to be aware of their role as older brothers and sisters, and will have the leadership skills to lead others.

Take a tour

We provide complete individualized services at any time.We understand that you may have many concerns before leaving your precious child in our care.
We will prepare an environment where you can tell us anything without worrying about other people's eyes.
Please choose a date and time that is convenient for you and make a reservation.


Teachers introduction

Daycare school teachers




Elementary school teachers


Native staffs


Piano instructors


English conversation teachers


English teacher


Eiken Test instructor


Calligraphy teacher


Gym teacher


Dance instructor


Licensed psychologist


Administrative staff





Contact us

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